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2017       ABCIntroducing use-it-or-lose-it leave for fathers would make life fairer for mothers
2017       BroadsheetPlastic-free July: Stemming the tide
2017       SBS LifeAre the world’s most vulnerable refugees missing out on Australia’s humanitarian programme?
2017       BroadsheetBeautifully Made Craft Wooden Goods
2017       SBS LifeHow to ever survive if you became homeless
2017       BroadsheetThe Renaissance of Rae’s on Wategos in Byron Bay
2017       SBS Life5 powerful books to read on a public holiday
2017       BroadsheetThe Festival Helping to Restore the Apple Isle’s Glory Days
2017       BroadsheetTasmania Makes Some of the World’s Best Whisky
2017       INTHEBLACKIs it time to ban meetings?
2017       BroadsheetMatt Woods: Designing Sydney
2017       BroadsheetArtist Kitiya Palaskas Shares Her Favourite Cocktails
2017       INTHEBLACK5 best technologies for working remotely
2017       SBS LifeCan your postcode determine your level of education?
2017       INTHEBLACKWhy is Australia slipping on gender diversity?
2017       The PlanthunterPainting plants: Elizabeth Barnett
2017       Scout JobsChoosing creativity over the corporate ladder

2016       SBS LifeWhose surname does baby get if you’re unmarried?
2016       BroadsheetDemolished Sydney: Ghosts of Sydney’s urban past
2016       BroadsheetCreative Couples: Cybele Malinowski and Daniel Boud
2016       SBS Lifet’s a great time in comedy to be a mother

2015       VenroyRio with Akila Berjaoui
2015       Broadsheet, Sydney Classics: Catalina
2015       Broadsheet, Sydney’s Advanced Style Ambassador
2015       Broadsheet, Incu Expands
2014       Broadsheet, The Art of Pizza
2014       Broadsheet, A Rare Bird
2013       Broadsheet, Hunt and Blue
2013       Broadsheet, A Garden Patch For All